Important Circular

Attached with Vidya Bharti                                      Phone- 05273-284317,292959
                          Vivekanand Shishu Kunj Sr. Sec. School
                        NTPC Township, Vidyut Nagar Ambedkar Nagar
Dear Guardians

        I hope that you are consciously involved with developing practices of your ward in healthy and high spirits. Hope that you will try your best to make your ward perform/complete the given information/works
during summer vacation. It is because we have only one vision all side growth and development of the child.

1.Physical and Mental Development – In order to have sound health and mind of the child, the practices of yoga, Pranayam, meditation etc are performed in the school.

2.Social and Moral growth – You are urged to inculcate the sense of sympathy and compassion for all living beings, let your ward motivate to give flour to ants and water to birds and so on every day. At the
same time stimulate them to welcome the guests, obey the elders etc. Inspire them for honesty, truth and other values.

3.Essential Information –
a).The school will be closed from 13.05.2014 to 30.06.2014 for the students of LKG to 5th. It will re-open from 1st July 2014 at 7:25 AM as usual.
b).The school from 6th to 12th class will be closed from 18.05.2014 to 25.06.2014 and will re-open on 26.06.2014 at 7:25 AM as usual.
c).The classes for 11th are running from 15th of April as in the last year.

4.New Admissions – There are very few vacancies/seats in class 8 to 12 left to be filled. A few seats are rest to be filled in LKG to 7th class. Please make haste to get your ward admitted in the school, if he/she has not been admitted as yet. The last date for entrance exams is on 7th July 2014. Take the form of admission for your ward beforeJuly 7.
5.Office Time – The office will remain opened from 9 AM to 12 PM in even summer vacation. You can get all information from here.
6.Precautions for health – Avoid your ward from blazing sun and unhygienic eatables. Provide him/her suitable nutrients.
7.Academic Suggestions:
a.The students should learn the questions of their notebooks and submit their home work notebooks after completing them in the school when the school re-open in July.
b.Come to school after it re-opens as usual.
c.The students should read their books, learn their topics every day
in accordance with their class from 1 to 5 hours at least. Never
forget your target.
d.Do the home work in time. Its marks will be added in FA – 2.

Note:- Please come to school after it is over, in case you want to meet the class teacher or any other teachers. Visit to him/her in school time is not possible.

                                                                                        Hoping your co-operation and good